Cistus Tea
Cistus Incanus

Cistus tea has countless benefits. The most important feature of tea is its structure that strengthens the immune system, especially in these days, which are struggling with coronavirus, thanks to the polyphenols contained in it. In addition, tea also has an expectorant property. The arrival of winter months is another factor that lowers our immune system in addition to the pandemic process.

Experts suggest that measures should be taken now to avoid problems in this process. We are absolutely sure that once you try the tea, it will be your number one savior against diseases such as colds and flu. The benefits of laden tea tea are not limited to these. Tea is also good for diabetes, popularly known as diabetes. It raises low blood sugar and lowers high blood sugar. Described as “a hope for diabetes” by experts, tea also provides great success in balancing blood sugar.

It is known to be good for urinary tract infections, rheumatism, blood pressure and stomach aches. Having a miraculous function for women, laden grass is an excellent natural menstrual regulator. If used regularly, Laden Herb Tea, which creates an antioxidant effect in the body, will be the number one hero of the detoxes you will make. It is recommended to consume tea to get rid of toxic substances in our body. Thanks to this feature, tea accelerates metabolism and helps people with weight loss problems.

Laden is a remedy for many diseases not only by drinking but also by external application. It is also good for diaper rash in babies and children. It is said by experts that it is also good for eczema from skin disorders. It is also the number one enemy of fungi in the body. It is known that porridge obtained from tea is good for hemorrhoids. It is known that if you throw a pinch of leaves into the bathtub filled with warm water, it is very beneficial for rheumatic pain.

Another answer to the question of “What is Laden grass good for” is avian flu. It has been observed by scientists that Laden Herb, which contains a large amount of polyphenols, is beneficial for the flu caused by the H5N1 virus, which was also seen in our country in the past. Virology experts at the University of Münster, Berlin Charit Institute and Friedrich Loeffler found that those who consumed the tea improved by 75% as a result of their research. Laden herb tea has become a hope to the scientific world with its natural immune enhancing effect.

How to Prepare Spruce Grass Cistus Tea?

It is also quite simple to brew Laden Herb Tea, which is a natural miracle and a cure-all. Tea can be brewed by adding 10 grams of dried leaves to 1 Liter of water. At the same time, another measure is to throw a heaped teaspoon of tea for each cup. After this process, it is recommended to let the tea rest for 8 to 10 minutes. Again, the measurements of tea and water vary according to your taste.

In addition, if the tea is used externally, the brewing style is still the same. It should only be waited for it to cool enough not to burn the skin before it is applied to the area. When applied together with the leaves of the tea, that is, the brew part, its benefit is increased. In addition, porridge can be obtained by boiling tea leaves. With its multiple uses, Laden herb is frequently preferred by the users due to its ease of preparation.


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