cistus tea
cistus healty tea

Nature offers us many miracles. One of the secrets of a long and healthy life that nature has presented to us is Spruce Grass Cistus Tea. This tea, which you can consume as a food supplement in the treatment of many diseases by experts, is 100% organic and completely natural. Therefore, you can consume your tea safely and with peace of mind. Thanks to the beneficial ingredients in it, the most important feature of tea used in the treatment of multiple diseases is its immune-enhancing structure. Tea, which is definitely recommended by experts to be consumed especially in winter, is a good food supplement that will help strengthen our immunity during the coronavirus period. In addition, tea, which has antioxidant properties, can be consumed at any time.

In this way, you will feel the natural detox effect in your body. If you use the tea regularly, you will get rid of toxins in your body. With its perfect scent, it never bother you while you drink it. People who are sensitive to smell can also easily consume. So, what is this Spruce Grass, how is it prepared and what are its benefits? We have explained them for you.

cistus tea
cistus incanus tea

Spruce Plant Features

Laden is mentioned by more than one name in the literature. This type of plant; It is also known by the names laden rose, cistrose, cistus incantus and tauricus. It is also known as Laden rose tea among the people. Laden’s homeland of Turkey. This plant species, which grows in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions in our country, has spread to other Mediterranean countries, as well as a very wide area from America to Europe. The leaves of the spruce plant have an adhesive structure. It usually occurs naturally after forest fires instead of pine trees. There are five different species for the Laden plant in our country. The most important feature that distinguishes these species from each other is that their flowers are pink or white. The spruce plant is also used in perfumery. In addition, it is thought to have been used in wool dyeing in the past. Harvest time of spruce grass starts in May and ends in October. The most important opportunity we offer you is that we harvest our tea at the right time and dry it hygienically without human touch.

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